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Industrial Sergers or Overlocks

Industrial sergers sew over the edge of the fabric to provide a finished look and prevent fraying of fabric edges. Many overlock machines have cutters to remove excess material. Overlock machines with cutters are also known as sergers.

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Econosew Mock Safety-stitch Machine MO-3314S-BE6-307

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Highlead GM288-5 Five Thread High Speed Overlock Serger with With Table & Motor (Assembled)

Juki MO-6704 - 3-Thread High-speed Overlock w/ Table & Motor

Juki MO-6714 - 4 Thread High-speed Overlock w/ Table & Clutch Motor

Juki MO-6716 - 5 Thread High-speed Overlock w/ Table & Clutch Motor

Econosew 5-thread Safety-stitch Machine MO-3316S-FF6-40H

Econosew 5-thread Heavy-duty Safety-stitch Machine MO-3316S-FF6-60H