LiTen Up QBOT V3 Computerized Quilting System for Long Arm Machines
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2016 Back to School Sale

NEW! LiTen Up QBOT V3 Computerized Quilting System for Long Arm Quilting Machines

NEW! LiTen Up QBOT V3 Computerized Quilting System for Long Arm Quilting Machines

List Price: $5,999.00
Sale Price: $4,399.00

Or $183.29/mo 0% Interest!
You Save $1600 [27%]

Brand New

Item ships from our location. Ground shipments usually arrive within 3-7 days.

Free Shipping to the Continental USA!

Available @ $183.29/month for 24 months, 0% interestClick Here to Learn More!

Introducing the New QBOT V3 Computerized Quilting System

The most anticipated innovation in quilting has arrived. What is QBOT? QBOT stands for 'Quilting Based on Technology." It is a new, totally computerized quilting system. Why pay someone to create a professional quilt, when the QBOT can do it for you? The QBOT offers professional results…easily and automatically. Simply put, the QBOT does everything for you. Automatic hands-free movement creates the perfect design that would be impossible to do by hand. You are now the professional! Just think about all of those quilting projects that you started, but never finished. The QBOT will complete your quilting projects in a fraction of the time. Design more intricate quilting than you ever imagined. With more than 18 quilting designs included, you can start creating beautiful designs immediately. If you prefer, you can “record” your very own one-of-a-kind pattern and repeat it the same way, or shrink it, anywhere you want on the quilt. Take pride in professional results, the easy way. Own your QBOT today!

QBOT V3 is our newest product - available for purchase as an upgrade to earlier firmware versions of QBOT or as a new-in-the-box complete unit.

Many design features are built into the interface, like Design Management, Line Quilting, Mirror Image, and Nesting; as well as improved features you're already acquainted with like Pattern Quilting, %Restart, Another/Chain, and Overlay. QBOT V3 requires an Android-based tablet with Bluetooth®. With the many Android options available on the market, you'll be able to get the screen size which best suits your needs (NOTE: our beta testers highly recommend 10" models). The benefit of the tablet interface is that the QBOT will never go out of style. As new tablets come out with new features, you can always have a fresh look to QBOT - it's your choice.

QBOT Product Features

QBOT does it for you!

Automated quilting at your fingertips!

Simple Installation

Quick set up and easy learning curve!

Menu Driven Interface

QBOT leads you step by step!

Professional Results

Even difficult designs are easily stitched!

Four-Point Scaling

Automatic adjustments for rotated or skewed blocks!

On-Board Rotation

Enter the rotation angle and QBOT does the rest!

Record Your Own Designs

QBOT automatically records your free-motion quilting!

Quilting Designs Included

Machine quilting and embellishing have never been easier!

Compatible With Most Studio Quilting Frames

For a current compatibility list, click HERE. If you do not see your machine/frame on the list, please give us a call 800-401-8151 and let one of our Quilting experts share with you how the QBOT will exceed your quilting needs!

System Requirements

Quilting Frame, Quilters Cruise Control, or stitch regulated sewing machine.

Watch this video to become familiar with the product

FREE Design Downloads

Quilting with Silk

This zipped folder contains various formats of Denise Applegate-Schober's design which corresponds to a recent McCall's Quilting article on quilting with silk.

Click HERE to Download the PDF instructions

Download the folder HERE. It contains the following file formats:

  • .4qb
  • .plt
  • .iqp
  • .qli
  • .PDF (printable template)

Regarding ".plt" files:

Save the zipped folder to your computer. Then unzip/open the folder; copy the ".plt" file to your SD card

FasTrax Designs

FasTrax Designs are found on the QBOT Version 2 disk. The zipped folder contains a sample of the FasTrax designs.

Download the folder HERE.

Regarding ".plt" files:

Save the zipped folder to your computer. Then unzip/open the folder; copy the ".plt" file to your SD card

QBOT Compatibilities

For QBOT to properly perform, a stitch-regulated sewing machine and a free-standing quilt frame are needed. Stitch regulation can be built-in (available for many long-arm machines) or added separately (mid-arm sewing machines must have a Quilter’s Cruise Control®). We are always updating QBOT’s compatibilities, please contact us to inquire. Please note: the development and test cycle for certain frames can be lengthy, so we ask for your patience as we expand QBOT’s compatibilities.


  • A-1
  • ABM Innova** - 18, 22, 26
  • Aloha Quilting System
  • APQS (coming soon)
  • Artistic Liberty 18-8
  • Babylock Crown Jewel/Crown Jewel II
  • Babylock Coronet 16 ** (coming soon)
  • Babylock Jewel
  • Babylock Quilter's Choice Professional
  • Bernina Q20, Q24
  • Bernina-some models equipped with BSR
  • Brother 1300/1500
  • Elna 7200
  • Empress Quilter by Tin Lizzie
  • Fun Quilter by Nolting
  • Gammill, some models* & **
  • GrandQuilter 18.8 by Pfaff
  • GrandQuilter mid-arm by Pfaff
  • HQ16* - equipped with stitch regulator
  • HQ Simply Sixteen** (coming soon)
  • Handiquilter 18/Avante, 24/Fusion
  • Hobby 1200 Grandquilter by Pfaff
  • Janome 1600, 6500, 6600
  • Janome Artistic Quilter™ 18, 26
  • Janome Artistic Quilter™ 18-8DX**
  • Janome Artistic Quilter™ 26-8DX**
  • Juki TL98E, TL98Q, TL98QE
  • Juki 2000 series
  • Juki QVP*
  • King Quilter/King Quilter SE - 18, 26
  • King Quilter LE**
  • Liberty 18-8
  • Martelli long-arm (requires dealer installation)
  • Mega Quilter 18x8 by Viking
  • Mega Quilter mid-arm by Viking
  • Nolting Pro Series**
  • Pfaff PowerQuilter™ P3**
  • Tin Lizzie 18**, LS, DLS
  • Tin Lizzie Ansley
  • Tin Lizzie Apprentice
  • Tin Lizzie Original
  • Tin Lizzie Queen Quilter*
  • Tin Lizzie Ram, ESP**
  • Viking Platinum™ 3000**
  • Voyager 17* - equipped with SLR

Frames - Wood

  • B-Line
  • Bradley/Ultra Quilter
  • Falcon by Tin Lizzie
  • GMQ Pro by Grace
  • Gracie Queen, King by Grace
  • Little Gracie II by Grace
  • Tin Lizzie Wood Frame

Frames - Metal

  • A-1
  • ABM Innova
  • Aloha Quilting System
  • APQS
  • Artistic Freedom Frame by Tin Lizzie
  • Babylock Coronet Clamp Frame
  • Bernina Q20, Q24
  • C-Frame (Janome) by Tin Lizzie
  • Debutante by Tin Lizzie
  • Freedom by Tin Lizzie
  • Gammill, some models*
  • GQ Frame by Grace
  • HQ Pro and Studio by HandiQuilter
  • HQ Simply Sixteen Clamp Frame
  • Hinterberg Original, Stretch and Summit
  • Inspira Imperial by Grace
  • Inspira original with upper shelf
  • iQuilt by Grace
  • Juki QVP frame
  • Majestic by Grace
  • Martelli long- arm (requires dealer install)
  • Momentum (Babylock) by Grace
  • New Joy Gold Standard
  • Next Generation Viking and Pfaff
  • Nolting Pro
  • Phoenix (PX) by Tin Lizzie
  • Pinnacle by Grace