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Sewing Needles

Sewing Machines Plus carries sewing machine needles for use in all household sewing machine brands and types. We carry specialized sewing needles such as Jeans/Denim needles for heavy fabrics, leather needles, quilting machine needles, and embroidery needles. We also have stretch needles for highly elasticized synthetic fabrics, serger needles, twin and triple needles for decorative sewing and metallic needles for trouble-free sewing with metallic and other embroidery threads.

Sewing needles are available in various sizes and configurations to match specific fabrics, threads, and sewing techniques. Needles become dull over time and require replacing to provide the best quality stitch. Using a fresh needle on a new project helps provide the best results.

Sewing Machines Plus provides free on-site and phone support to help you find the correct sewing machine needle for what you are sewing.

If you're having trouble selecting the right needle for your specific needs you can click the button below to view a needle chart that might be able to help you understand your choices.

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