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Reliable 5000 Sewquiet Variable Speed DC Servomotor

Reliable 5000 Sewquiet Variable Speed DC Servomotor

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Sewquiet 5000 Brushless DC Servomotor

The 5000 Series Sewquiet DC servomotor is the logical choice for your next sewing machine, or as a replacement for your existing clutch motor.


The SewQuiet 5000 brushless DC servomotor is designed to operate all light to heavy-duty industrial sewing machines. It also achieves our EcoIntelligent standard and reduces your carbon footprint by as much as 75%.

The brushless DC servomotor design which has very good torque even at low speeds; uses a laser sensor instead of a traditional mechanical clutch. This design gives the operator a graded acceleration compared to the abrupt type of acceleration common with a clutch motor.

The Next Generation of Servomotor Design

Stable speed control and motor noise reduction are the two main issues when choosing a servomotor. Up until now, the technology limited the performance of servomotors in these two critical categories. This has all changed with the introduction of the next generation series SQ5000.

Low Current Start-up and Energy Savings of 75%.

The technology breakthrough on the new Sewquiet SQ-5000 is a completely redesigned PC board which allows for true low-current start-up. There are two advantages to this. First, it allows for a more stable amperage draw and reduces the energy consumption by an astonishing 75%. Comparing the Sewquietâ„¢ 4000 to a standard clutch motor, when a clutch motor is turned on it will consume 150W/hour of electricity while the machine is not sewing; however, the Sewquiet consumes a mere 3W/hour... a 98% energy savings! Secondly, the Sewquiet allows for more motor torque, allowing you to sew through heavier material at low speeds.

A New Level of Quiet.

All servomotors, regardless of brand, suffer from some degree of "buzzing" sound when the treadle is pressed. This is compounded when doing slower, detailed work. The Sewquiet's next generation of electronic circuitry has virtually eliminated this last barrier to true servomotor performance. The Sewquiet 5000 is the perfect choice for locations where the constant noise from a clutch motor is not welcome. The Sewquiet 5000 is only "on" when the treadle is pressed. When not used, the motor makes no sound at all. You only need to turn the motor off when you are finished sewing for the day.

Smarter than Your Average Servomotor

A great servomotor also needs to be smarter in order to protect your investment. Our new overload protection circuit activates automatically, shutting the motor down if the machine is jammed or if it senses an unsafe load on the motor. A warning light will flash, indicating that the motor has activated its automatic protection circuit. After the jam has been fixed, simply turn the motor back on and you are ready to resume sewing.

Sew Like a Pro... Even if You're Not

For some people, sewing is second nature. For many others, however, having a sewing motor that is responsive and controllable may be the difference between enjoying the experience or giving up in frustration. The Sewquiet SQ 5000 is the most user-friendly DC servomotor made. For beginners, you can adjust the speed setting to a lower speed in order to get your sewing "legs". This is a great feature for students. The Sewquiet SQ5000 is also equipped with a laser sensor control for the treadle, which gives the user an unparalleled control of the speed. Even starting and stopping, which can be a challenge to master on lesser motors, is done effortlessly and instantaneously with no prior skills required.

Less Parts, More Confidence

Unlike conventional clutch motors, the Sewquiet 5000 operates without a mechanical clutch or brake, and there are practically no parts to break or wear out. To accommodate different types of machines with different operating directions, a convenient direction switch is located in the back of the motor. And, like all Reliable brand products, the Sewquiet SQ5000 is built to last - made from the best materials and engineered to our high standards.


With the SewQuiet 5000, the noise that is normally associated with sewing motors (clutch and servo) is almost entirely eliminated, creating a more pleasant work environment.

Whether you are an advanced sewer or a beginner, the SewQuiet 5000's microprocessor controller gives the user an unparalleled connection to the sewing machine, allowing for speed or detailed work. A "stepping" speed can be achieved which allows for literally, a step by step control of the sewing speed. This makes sewing detailed work much easier.

From the utmost in speed control technology and the ability to reduce costs with improved energy usage, to the 'oh, sew quiet' work environment, choosing the Reliable SewQuiet 5000 is simply the smarter choice.

Key Features

Energy Savings of 75%

Energy Savings of 75%

The SewQuiet's EcoIntelligent design utilizes an advanced microprocessor that delivers outstanding stability with energy efficiency as high as 75%.

Variable Speed Control

Variable Speed Control

Built-in push button on/off switch and variable speed control. Easy to read LED display.

Built-In Power Outlet

Built-In Power Outlet

Handy built-in outlet to plug in auxilliary lighting.

Simple Setup

Simple Setup

Everything you need to get your Sewquiet up and running is supplied in the box.

No Extra Charge

No Extra Charge

And the best part of the new SewQuiet 5000? It's included at no additional cost with all Reliable industrial sewing machines.

Other Features

  • 600W, 3/4 horsepower
  • More torque than conventional clutch or servomotors
  • Up to 75% energy savings
  • Digital speed control
  • Regular and reverse directions
  • Fused overload protection (2)
  • Instruction manual with speed settings included


  • Electrical - 110V/60hz
  • Motor type - DC servomotor
  • Speed - Variable
  • Power consumption - 3.5 amps
  • Reverse switch - Standard
  • Pulley type - Aluminum
  • Pulley sizes - #90 included, #50 optional
  • On/off switch - Built-in
  • Accessories - Treadle rod, 2 - brushes, 1 - fuse, mounting hardware, belt guard, instruction book
  • Net weight - 25 lbs
  • Warranty - Reliable 1 Year Warranty