Queen Quilter 18 Long Arm Machine w/ Stitch Regulator & Frame
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Queen Quilter 18" Long Arm Quilting Machine w/ Stitch Regulator & Wood Quilting Frame
Queen Quilter 18

Queen Quilter 18" Long Arm Quilting Machine w/ Stitch Regulator & Wood Frame

Call 1-800-401-8151 for details.

Free Shipping to the Continental USA!

Take advantage of this incredible deal and purchase this quilting machine for someone special: The Queen Quilter Eighteen!

Watch a video SewingMachinesPlus.com created introducing the Queen Quilter Eighteen

Contact SewingMachinesPlus.com about the Queen Quilter Eighteen

Give us a call 800-401-8151 and let one of our Quilting experts share with you how The Queen Quilter 18 compares to the Gammill and the Handi Quilter for a much lower price.

SewingMachinesPlus.com Expert Review on Queen Quilter Eighteen

The Queen Quilter Eighteen is your best choice when considering a long arm quilter. This machine has an eighteen inch open area for quilting, a stitch regulator that gives you incredible control over your stitches. But it's the little features about this machines that gets you excited about every quilting project. You'll really enjoy owning your own quilting machine.

Cory Martin - Vice-President Sewingmachinesplus.com, Inc.

SewingMachinePlus.com Customer Personal Review

"I can't say enough about the Queen Quilter18. The transaction process to purchase this machine was the most excellent customer service I have ever experienced. For the most affordable longarm this would be the machine. From Setup to quilting was quite a smooth transition, as a cd is provided. It's sturdy, attractive and easy to maneuver. I especially like the wooden frame as I find there is far less vibration as appose to the metal frame. There seems to be some confusion between the Queen18 and the TLS (Tin Lizzie Stitch). The 2 main differences are Queenie has only one control box and only stitches 18stitches to the inch whereas the TLS stitches 21stitches to the inch I believe and it has controls on both handles. Queenie starts to stitch very very slowly when you push the start button. Whereas TLS stops and starts stitching when you move the machine....is this a huge difference? Possibly for some, but once I made some adjustments to the position of the control box I'm quite happy. I don't believe you could find a more affordable longarm or excellent customer service in one place as Sewing Machines Plus provides. Their response time is impeccable...I whole heartily believe your experience with this company on any item you decide to purchase will be a very good one... I love love my Queen Quilter18" - Brenda Johnson, Elrose Sa CA (Jun 15, 2010)

For more customer reviews, click the "Review" tab of this page!

Queen Quilter Eighteen Machine Features

These are the following key features of the Queen Quilter Eighteen Package

Queen Quilter Eighteen Frame.

INCLUDED FRAME! - The included frame is designed with the home quilter in mind. It is made of 13 ply laminated Baltic birch wood for highest of quality and strength. Easy assembly allows quilting lap top to king size quilts. Queen Quilter 18 mounts on easy carry deck that glides as if floating on air. 1 1/4-inch conduit EMT pipe is not included.

Queen Quilter Eighteen Controls.

Stitch Controls - Your controller brings all your controls to you. You can select the needle stop position as up or down. You can choose stitch length or speed. Slide the switch right for stitch regulation to control stitch length. Slide the switch left to control stitching speed. The upper control knob adjusts the amount of stitch regulation or speed.

Queen Quilter Eighteen Needle Positioner.

Auto Needle Positioner - Select the needle stop position to minimize bending or breaking needles. The needle can stop in either the up or down position. This also allows for free movement of machine.

Queen Quilter Eighteen Larger Throat Size.

Larger Throat Size: 18" Arm - This is the space between the needle and the back of machine. A larger throat allows larger patterns without rolling the material as often.

Queen Quilter Eighteen Laser Light.

Laser Light - The built in laser light makes it easy to follow patterns. The laser mounts on the back of machine. Handles can be moved to the back side of the machine for easier use. Sample paper patterns are included!

Queen Quilter Eighteen Larger Bobbin Capacity.

Larger Bobbin Capacity - The larger bobbin has more than double the capacity of a standard bobbin. You'll spend more time quilting and less time changing bobbins! The Queen Quilter Eighteen uses large M-size bobbins. The photo shows an M-size bobbin on the left and an L-size bobbin on the right. L-size bobbins are used in home sewing machines.

Queen Quilter Eighteen Bobbin Winder.

Bobbin Winder - The Queen Quilter Eighteen has a built in bobbin winder. Wind your bobbins as you go or load a few before you start. You won't have to search your quilting room for the bobbin winder.

Queen Quilter Eighteen Hopping Foot.

Hopping Foot - The hopping foot holds the fabric down while the needle stitches. The foot height can be adjusted up and down for thickness of batting or material. The foot also allows for stitching next to rulers and templates.

Queen Quilter Eighteen Ergonomic Handles.

Ergonomic Handles - Handles adjust up and down to minimize the risk of carpal tunnel injuries. Operation is easy as a result. Fatigue is reduced in the wrists, arms, and shoulders. A comfy rubber coating on each handle provides a great feel.

Queen Quilter Eighteen Flexible Light.

Flexible Light - The light is machine mounted and can be adjusted as needed. Lighting floods the work area. You can see every stitch, every detail.

Queen Quilter Eighteen Oil Reservoir.

Oil Reservoir - The Queen Quilter Eighteen has an oil reservoir which keeps the bobbin area lubricated. You don't have to oil the bobbin area every time you change the bobbin. This helps keep oil off your thread and off your quilt. Only three or four drops of oil is need each time you start a quilt. This should keep enough oil in the reservoir.

Queen Quilter Eighteen Tension.

Tension - The Queen Quilter Eighteen has an easy to adjust tension control. That makes it easy to get that perfect stitch.

Queen Quilter Eighteen Thread Stand.

Thread Stand - The Dual thread stand gives you a spool for quilting and one for your bobbin. Winding a bobbin as you go means you will not be short a bobbin. You'll be able to finish your quilt without stopping to wind a bobbin.

Queen Quilter Eighteen Additional Information

  • Machine Size: 37 inches x 17 inches.
  • Machine Weight: 45 lbs.
  • Frame Depth: 39 1/2 inches. Add 8 inches for maximum machine mobility.
  • Frame Length: Can be up to 10 feet.

Queen Quilter Eighteen Downloads

Queen Quilter Owner's Manual