Little Gracie II Quilting Frame, Janome 1600P-DBX High Speed Sewing Machine w/ Heavy-duty Darning Foot & Plate
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Little Gracie II Quilting Frame, Janome 1600P-DBX High Speed Sewing Machine w/ Heavy-duty Darning Foot & Plate

Little Gracie II Quilting Frame, Janome 1600P-DBX Sewing Machine

Call 1-800-401-8151 for details.

Janome 1600P-DBX Long-arm High-Speed Sewing Machine

The 1600P-DBX high speed sewing machine has the DB type needle and the Auto-thread cutter. It sews a straight stitch at 1,600 stitches per minute, the fastest on the market. From the new "Liquid Response" foot control to the pre-tension system, everything on this machine is built for high quality stitches at professional speeds. But while it gives you the performance of an industrial machine, it also gives you the quiet operation and sleek design of a Janome.

An extra large 9" x 5" work area gives you room for the largest projects. A knee lift lets you raise the presser foot while keeping your hands on your work. An independent motor allows you to wind bobbins while you're sewing. And 10.5 lbs. of presser foot pressure ensures that your layers of fabric won't shift, making it an ideal quilting machine.

Comes with FREE heavy-duty darning foot and plate!

Features include:

  • Simultaneous bobbin winding while sewing
  • Automatic thread cutter
  • DB needle
  • Side-loading, industrial rotary hook
  • Extra large 9" x 5" work area
  • Dual sewing lights
  • Industrial-type thread take-up lever
  • No oil holes on sewing bed
  • Sealed bearings on shafts: durable, reliable, and highly stable at high speeds
  • Heavy-duty presser foot pressure: 5kg (10.5 lbs.)
  • Pre-tension eliminates thread kinks at high speeds
  • Thread diagram printed on machine front
  • Bobbin winding diagram printed on top of machine
  • Visible pressure gauge
  • Knee lift
  • Memorized Up/Down needle setting

Warranty: 25 year limited, covering mechanical defects (Click here for warranty details)

Standard Accessories:

  • Bobbins
  • Lint Brush
  • Hemmer Foot
  • Spool Cap
  • Spool Net
  • Needles
  • Spool Holder
  • Large Screwdriver
  • Small Screwdriver
  • Cloth Guide
  • Accessory Box
  • Oil
  • Knee Lifter

Click on the link below to compare this machine with Janome's other 1600P models:
- Features comparison list

Little Gracie II Quilting Frame

The Little Gracie II is the light-weight, no-baste machine quilting system perfect for any sewing machine with a throat of up to 16", turning your personal sewing machine into a home quilting system. The Little Gracie II is a streamlined version of the original Grace Machine Quilter, and can be set-up in crib (64") or queen (98") size (both sizes included with purchase). Click here for frame building instructions.

Frame measurements:

  • Work area: 64" wide crib or 98" wide queen sizes
  • Carriage will move 11" forward and back
  • Minimum frame depth: 27"
  • Maximum frame depth: 43"
  • Frame width: 68" (crib) or 102" (queen)
  • Carriage: 9" wide x 18" long x 14" inside height (will hold sewing machines that fit within these dimensions)
Smooth, seamless tracking without the harshness of metal-on-metal. The key to the entire system is how the sewing machine rides on the tracks. With the Little Gracie II, your machine rests on two specially designed, sturdy plates that track perfectly with ball-bearing rollers for an incredibly smooth ride. There is no wobbling. These plates allow for up to 11 inches of forward/reverse travel in the work area. The only limit to your reach is your own machine. The carriage accommodates any machine with up to 16" of throat space. It provides enhanced stability and locks your machine in place with four base clamps.



Easy Grip Handles
Free motion quilt from the needle side of the machine...Or quilt from the back of the macine to follow patterns.




A Smooth, Cushioned Ride
The tracks for the bottom plate are engineered specifically for the Little Gracie II out of ABS plastic. The steel wheels smoothly glide over the plastic with a minimum of noise. The tracks are in-set on the tabletops in pre-cut grooves, so they automatically align and are guaranteed to stay straight - you never have to worry about them being misaligned! With the track being one single length, there is no worry of seams or bumps.



Locked-in Quilt Tension
The Little Gracie II's 30-tooth ratchet wheels and double-lock stops provide the front-to-back fabric tension.



Includes Fabri-Fast System
This is a no-baste, three-rail system. Our custom designed rails come with the new Fabri-Fast system for fast and easy fabric installation. Simply push your fabric and tubing into the Fabri-Fast slot with the Fabri-fast tool included. Fabric goes in and stays in straight and clean.



Sturdy Design
The Little Gracie II's sturdy design includes table tops ideal for pantographs. Wooden pointer is included. Aluminum track supports add to the frames robust construction and professional appearance.



Folding Legs
Folding legs make the frame easier to store up against the wall when not in use



Easier Side Tension System
The Little Gracie II comes with four side-tension clamps (two for each side). Simply apply the clamp then pull and secure the bungee cord in the side slot. Fast and easy!


Grace SureStitch Stitch Regulator (optional)

The Sure Stitch is both a stitch regulator and a constant stitch speed control.

Warranty:  One-Year Manufacturer's Warranty (Parts and Labor)


  • Digital stitch speed display
  • Stitch speed +/- button
  • Dual Color LED (Green-on; Red-Maximum speed reached)
  • Pulse Button activates constant-stitch speed mode.  Press and release for stitch tie-off
  • On/Off button
  • Constant contact design provides seamless stitch regulation
  • Easy to install
  • Takes advantage of your machine's full range of speeds.  Utilize low, medium, and high settings to create your desired stitch length.
  • Provides superior stitch accuracy.