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Commercial Sewing Machine.

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Janome DC2010 - 50 Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine: Excellent Buy

Janome DC2010 - 50 Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine

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Check Out The NEW Janome DC-2011!

Janome DC-2010 Computerized Sewing Machine

The Janome DC-2010 compuerized sewing machine has the features needed to complete any project. Home decor, garment sewing, scrapbooking or quilting projects. It has fifty stitches, including three buttonholes, which provides the essential variety for your diverse sewing needs. It also includes all of the features you would expect only from a high end machine. You can sew with precision and confidence.


Expert Review

"The Janome DC2010 has the quality of Janome machines: rugged, excellent for the the household sewist and rich with many elements. With this machine, you'll experience clog-free bobbins, a very good feed dog method, and the many innovations that makes sewing a pleasure.
"It cost more than the entry-level type of sewing machines, but the machine delivers excellent performance. It definitely combines power and precision of a superior stitch mechanism. It has the 7 feed teeth box feeding system which ensures superior feeding. The bobbin cover is transparent, allowing you to see if you're running out of thread, which is a great feature.
"Also the LED and button control is relatively easy to use, much more intuitive than previous sewing machines I've worked with. Another plus is the needle memory, which is a must for decorative pivoting. This also has stop-pattern finishes motifs and creates a lock switch.
"Try out the DC2010 and you'll be pleased after using this machine. There are so many wonderful features to have at your fingertips."

Kae Horne
Sewing Expert & Customer Service

Customer Personal Review

"I have had sewing machines in my home for the past 70 years and used many brands, By far the best machine I ever owned is the Janome. It is easy to thread, sew and keep clean. I am so thrilled with the Janome that I purchased a Janome sewing machine for my daughter, who never wanted to learn to sew, and for my dauthter-in-law, who is anxious to learn to sew. They are learning, but still save all the sewing for me to do when I visit. At least I have a great machine to use when I visit in Cincinnati and Colorado."

Harriet Katz,
Boynton Beach, FL
Jun 15, 2010.

For more customer reviews, click the "Review" tab of this page!

Key Features

Stitch Package. Stitch Package.
Choose from 50 essential stitches, including stretch, utility, quilting, garment and applique. All stitches are displayed conveniently on the face of the DC2010. Pick one and start sewing!
Maximum zigzag width: 7mm.
Maximum stitch length: 5mm.
3 one-step sensor-type buttonholes.

EZ Change Feet. EZ Change Feet.
Just push a button and the feet snap off. Then simply lower the ankle onto the foot and snap another one back on. It's easy!

Superior Feed System. Superior Feed System (SFS).
A unique 7-point feed dog mechanism allows you to start on the very edge of your fabric. Provides smooth, precise, consistent, pucker-free results on a wide range of fabrics. The 7-piece feed dog system works with the horizontal jam-proof rotary bobbin system to create the Superior Feed System, a Janome exclusive.

LED Screen. LED Screen.
Bright LED screen. Press various buttons to enter in the modes.

Variable Speed Control. Variable Speed Control.
Use the speed control slider to limit the maximum sewing speed. Match sewing speed to your sewing needs!

Control Buttons. Control Buttons.
Controls to make sewing easy and quick!
Memorized needle up/down setting.
Locking stitch button.
Easy reverse stitch button (top to bottom button).

Additional Features

  • Built-in needle threader.
  • 50 stitches, including 3 buttonholes.
  • Fully Automatic sensor buttonhole.
  • SFS (superior feed system).
  • Auto-Lock.
  • Auto-Declutch bobbin winder.
  • Up/Down needle position buttons.
  • Stitch number, width, and length buttons.
  • Direct stitch selection buttons.
  • Reverse Stitch button.
  • Speed control slider.
  • Convertible free arm for circular sewing.

Included Accessories


Set of Needles.
Automatic Buttonhole Foot R.
Satin Stitch Foot F.
Zipper Foot E.
Spool Stand.
Spool Holder (large).
Spool Holder (small).
Spool Pin.


  • SFS (Superior Feed System).
  • Automatic Tension.
  • Built-in Needle Threader.
  • One Hand Thread Cutter.
  • Snap-On Feet.
  • 15 Needle Positions.
  • 50 Stitch Patterns.
  • Adjustable Stitch Width from 0 to 7 mm.
  • Adjustable Stitch Length from 0 to 5 mm.
  • 2 Digit LED Stitch Pattern Indicator.
  • Stitches.
    • Sculpture Stitch (2 Lengths).
    • Bi-directional Blanket Stitch.
    • 24 Heirloom Stitches.
    • 6 Satin Decorative Stitches.
    • Lock-A-Matic Stitch.
    • Star Stitch.
  • Auto-lock.
  • Buttonhole System. One-step Sensor Type Automatic 3 Styles.
  • External Feed Balancing Dial.
  • Speed Control Lever.
  • Conveniently Located Reverse Button.
  • Box Feed System.
  • Drop Feed System.
  • Horizontal Thread Delivery.
  • Lay-in Threading with Numbered Paths.
  • 2 Different Sized Thread Caps.
  • Bobbin.
    • Jam Proof, Magnetic, Top Loading, Full Rotary Bobbin System.
    • Auto Declutch Bobbin Winding.
    • See Through Bobbin Cover with One Touch Release Button.
  • Extra High Presser Foot Lift for Extra Clearance.
  • Free Arm Removable Accessory Tray.
  • Needle Stop "Up".
  • Memorized Needle Up/Down Key.
  • Front Position Halogen Lightbulb.
  • Failsafe Device: Electronic Beep.
  • Electronic Foot Control.
  • DC Motor.
  • Retractable Carrying Handle.
  • Machine Weight: 18.2 lbs (8.2 kg).


Janome DC2010 Brochure.

Janome DC2010 Manual.

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