Janome Horizon 7700 QCP - Computer Sewing & Quilting Machine
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Janome Horizon 7700 QCP - Computer Sewing & Quilting Machine

Janome Horizon 7700 QCP - Computer Sewing & Quilting Machine

Call 1-800-401-8151 for details.

Brand New

This item can only be purchased locally at our retail location.

Janome Horizon 7700 QCP Computerized Sewing & Quilting Machine

The Horizon 7700 QCP is built on the most popular Janome Memory Craft model ever for quilting and sewing. Janome has taken everything that sewists love about the Janome 6600P, added the features they've always wished it had (and thrown in a few more for good measure), and created what will become the most coveted machine in the sewing world!

Janome Memory Craft 7700QCP Janome excellence is obvious from the outside - Superior Engineering provides innovative technological advantages. But this exterior quality is reinforced with amazing integrity on the inside. A cast metal frame provides trustworthy support - ensuring your Janome will stand any test. This die cast metal frame is unique in the sewing industry, and sets Janome products above our competition. It is the basis for the superior stability and quality of Janome products.

The Janome Horizon 7700 QCP has some eye-opening features!

  • It boasts a free arm.
  • 11 inches of work space (the 6600P has 9 inches).
  • An automatic plate converter for straight stitch sewing.
  • Accufeed.
  • 250 stitches.
  • A high visibility LCD touchscreen.
  • Sewing speeds of 1,000 stitches per minute.
  • Five ultra-bright LED lamps.
  • Superior Plus Feed System.

It's the machine you've been waiting for. This is truly the ultimate sewing and quilting machine.

Key Features

Foot Long Free Arm. Foot Long Free Arm.
A big arm for big projects. This is the longest free arm on a Janome machine.

11-inch x 4.7-inch Work Area. 11-inch x 4.7-inch Work Area.
You have more space for big quilts, slipcovers and window treatments.

Shadow Free Sewing. Shadow-Free Sewing.
You have to be able to see what you're doing. Good lighting reduces eyestrain so you can sew for hours and not feel tired. The Horizon has 5 ultra bright LED lamps in three locations across the machine.

Double Accessory Bins. Double Accessory Bins Plus Upper Storage.
Lots of places to store all those standard accessories.

AcuFeed System. AcuFeed System.
The AcuFeed system feeds the top fabric layer in perfect sync with the bottom layer. It is effective on everything from thick quilt sandwiches to fine heirloom fabrics.

1,000 Stitches Per Minute. Sew Up To 1,000 Stitches Per Minute.
The Horizon is fast, sewing a straight stitch up to 1,000 stitches per minute. Yet each seam is made with beautiful accuracy. Whatever speed you choose, you feel in complete control. For intricate work, thereís also a slow start/stop function.

Superior Plus Feed System. Superior Plus Feed System.
Say goodbye to puckering, shifting and slipping. SFS+ is a Janome engineering exclusive. It combines a patented advance cam mechanism with unique 7-piece feed dogs that stay parallel as they move up and down to maintain constant contact with the fabric. This 'flat feed' method has always been standard on the highest level Memory Craft machines. The tradition continues with its inclusion on the Horizon.

Automatic Plate Converter. Automatic Plate Converter (APC).
Activated on three main straight stitch options to create a single round needle hole. Makes straight stitching more precise than ever.

Innovative Needle Plate Markings. Innovative, Patented Needle Plate Markings.
More of everything: angles, needle drops, cornering guides and seam lines. Do complex measuring right under the needle.

Exact Seams Without Measuring. Exact Seams Without Measuring.
Simply set the Horizon's manual Cloth Guide to your seam width and save a lot of measuring and marking. It attaches to a track on the back of the bed. It is set using the convenient ruler/scale markings that go all the way up the arm. The Cloth Guide can even be used with the extra wide table (a standard accessory).

Automatic Programmable Thread Cutter. Automatic Programmable Thread Cutter.
Trims tails to less than half an inch and pulls needle thread to the back.

Memorized Needle Up / Down. Memorized Needle Up / Down.
Save time as you go from seam to seam.

Super Stable Extension Table. Super Stable Extension Table Is Standard.
Give your project the support it needs. The Horizon's extension table fits snugly around the machine. The table is extra large for big projects. And its feet are set near the edge for super stability.

Extra Foot Pressure. Extra Foot Pressure.
It's important for the presser foot to have enough force to keep the fabric from slipping. The Horizon gives you seven levels of professional-grade pressure from which to choose.

Die Cast Aluminum Body. Rigid, Die-Cast Aluminum Body.
The Horizon is as solid as a rock, even when sewing at high speeds.

Adjustable Knee Lifter. Adjustable Knee Lifter Is Standard.
Sometimes you need both hands on the fabric when you raise the presser foot. The Knee Lifter lets you raise the needle with your knee. The handle adjusts to your most comfortable position.

Extra High Presser Foot Lifter. Extra High Presser Foot Lifter.
Easily accommodates layers of fabric.

Built In Needle Threader. Built-in Needle Threader.
Thread your needle with the push of a button.

Lock Stitch Key. Lockstitch Key For Perfect Finishing.
Auto thread tie-off can be programmed into stitch combinations.

LCD Touch Screen With Stylus. High Visibility LCD Touchscreen With Stylus.
Use your finger to navigate or touch the screen with the stylus.

Tactile Jog Dial. Tactile Jog Dial.
Spin forwards or backwards through your stitch choices. Itís as fun as it is functional.

250 Stitches. 250 Stitches To Play With.
You can choose from 250 stitches, including 11 buttonholes and three monogram fonts. The hundreds of stitches are arranged in 11 groups for easy reference. Typical groups are Heirloom, Quilt, Appliqué, Pictograph, and Play. You'll also find candlewicking, hand-look quilting, and new ribbon border stitches.

Twenty Memory Banks. Save Your Stitches In Twenty Memory Banks.
You can combine stitches on your Horizon to create original designs all your own -- up to 50 characters long. You can even program a lockstitch at the beginning and end. Twenty memory banks provide plenty of room to save them. Retrieve your stitches with ease at the touch of a button.

Pattern Stitch Length Calculation. Pattern Stitch Length Calculation.
Size decorative stitch combinations to perfectly fit a given space.


  • 250 Stitches and 20 memory banks.
  • 11-inch x 4-inch work area with an extra long free arm.
  • Navigate via LCD screen or tactile jog dial.
  • Acufeed System moves layers in perfect sync.
  • Automatic Plate Converter (APC).
  • Extension table and cloth guide standard.
  • Quilt Piecing System is an amazing synergy of precision.
  • Full length measuring markings on arm plus needle plate angles, cornering guides and needle drops.


  • Semi-hard cover.
  • Acrylic extension table.
  • 1/4 inch seam foot O.
  • Automatic buttonhole foot R.
  • Blind hem foot G.
  • Border guide foot.
  • Button sewing foot T.
  • Convertible free motion quilting foot QB-H.
  • Cording foot H.
  • Dual feed foot AD.
  • Open toe satin stitch foot F2.
  • Overcasting foot C.
  • Overedge foot M.
  • Rolled hem foot D.
  • Satin stitch foot F.
  • Zipper foot E.
  • Zig zag foot A.