Grace Speed Control (Single-prong)
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2016 Back to School Sale

Grace Speed Control (Single-prong)
Grace Company


List Price: $69.95
Sale Price: $59.95

You Save $10 [14%]

Brand New

Item ships from our location. Ground shipments usually arrive within 3-7 days.

Free Shipping to the Continental USA!

The Grace Speed Control is a universal foot pedal replacement that works with many machines on the market. The easily accessible setting adjustment allows you to have compatibility with multiple machines. With Grace Speed Control, when you switch machines it will too!

The Grace Speed Control is compatible with many DC-powered machines that have a single prong foot pedal plug-in. D.C.-powered machines usually have a separate foot pedal plug-in and a power cord plug in. (AC-powered machines combine the two cords into one plug; these types of machines are generally NOT compatible with the Grace Speed Control.)


  • Speed dial that allows you to set your machine to desired stich speed.
  • On/Off Button
  • Pulse Button (machine runs untill you release it, or touch and release for a single stitch)
  • Velcro Straps for easy attachment to your frame.
  • Compact Ergonomic Design.
  • The Speed Control Box comes with a 3.5mm Male Mono Plug connector and a 5.5mm Female Power Plug. (Machines with other connectors are not currently compatible.)

Compatibility Chart
Brand/Model 1-prong Speed Control Box 3-prong Speed Control Box
Crafters Choice X --
Decorators Choice X --
Quilters Choice X --
Quilters Pro -- --
1000 Special
(AC power)
-- --
Activa #145 X --
Activa #240 X --
Artista #165 X --
Artista #185 X --
Aurora #440
(Has its own stitch regulator)
-- --
Virtuosa #153 X --
Virtuosa #155 X --
1500L -- --
1500S X --
8060 X --
Innovis 400 -- --
Pacesetter NX-200 X --
PQ-1500 -- --
Quilters Choice X --
7200 X --
1600P-series -- X
Memory Craft 4800 X --
Memory Craft 6500 X --
Memory Craft 10000 X --
E-80 (all machines) X --
TL98E X --
(Uses original SCB w/ special cord, sold separately)
X --
2022 X --
2024 X --
2025 X --
2034 X --
2046 X --
2054 X --
2124 X --
2144 X --
Grand Quilter -- X
Quantum 9910 X --
Quantum 9940 X --
Designer II -- --
Lily 150 -- --
Mega Quilter -- X
One -- --
Quilting Lucky 540 -- --
9800 -- --