Bernina 800DL Serger Machine
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Bernina 800DL Serger Machine

Bernina 800DL Serger Machine

Price: $999.00

Brand New

This item can only be purchased locally at our retail location.

Bernina 800DL Serger Machine

In just one pass, you can cut, sew and finish edges on everything from fine silks and satin to denim, fleece and stretchy fabrics with the greatest of ease. And, although the 800DL is an entry-level machine, you can sew like a pro with versatile features that make serging fast and simple.

Sewing with one or two needles, the machine’s 2, 3 and 4 thread overlock capabilities and adjustable tension ensure exactly the finish you want. As for ease, the lower looper threader simplifies threading by doing most of the work for you. A differential feed keeps seams smooth and flat. The built-in rolled hem feature is yours at the flick of a switch. And optional accessories let you add new capabilities as you go. It’s top performance at a beginner price.

Bernina 800DL Upper-looper converter for serging with two threads
The BERNINA 800DL helps you save thread: The practical upper-looper converter lets you serge individual layers of fabric with just two threads, thereby reducing thread consumption. What’s more, you needn’t always use three threads at the same time when sewing decorative rolled hems – with the BERNINA 800DL, adjusting the stitch pattern precisely to you wishes and needs is simplicity itself.
Bernina 800DL Differential-feed and stitch-length controls
The BERNINA 800DL offers easy access to the differential-feed and stitch-length controls, which allow you to adjust the settings with the turn of a knob. Especially useful is the 800 DL’s differential feed system, which effectively prevents unintentional waving or puckering in knits: a control dial lets you adjust the feed to the material of your project so precisely that you’ll always produce smooth, impeccable seams, even when serging very lightweight, delicate fabrics that are quite tricky to work with. The BERNINA 800DL’s differential feed can also be used to deliberately gather seams, providing you with an exceptionally effective creative technique – the degree of gathering is easily determined via the control dial.
Bernina 800DL

Adjustable thread tension
With the BERNINA 800DL, thread tension is adjusted via slide controls which not only afford you immediate access to the thread tension but also show you at a glance the current thread tension for each thread – letting you quickly correct settings and adjust them to your material. This direct control over the thread tension makes for a precise stitch pattern and hassle-free serging with all common types of fabric – with the BERNINA 800DL, even beginners soon have the thread tension under control.

Bernina 800DL

Professional knife drive from above
The BERNINA 800DL boasts an especially strong cutting system that’s driven from above, and which stands out due to its exceptional strength and cutting power. This professional tool slices its way even through thick layers of fabric and heavy materials with unshakable precision, allowing top-quality, accurate serging – sewing, cutting and neatening in a single operation. This singles the 800 DL out as one of the most powerful sergers in the compact class and delivers an outstanding price/performance ratio, since the cutting system meets the highest demands for reliability and resilience.

Bernina 800DL

"Quick-switch" rolled-hem lever
The BERNINA 800DL lets you switch to a rolled-hem stitch instantly: simply shift the rolled-hem lever located next to the feed-dog and you’re good to go. Deactivating the rolled-hem stitch again is just as easy, with no need to change the presser foot or stitch plate – a thoroughly practical, timesaving detail of the 800DL which helps to avoid interruptions and allows you to switch with exemplary speed between stitch patterns.

Bernina 800DL

“Lay-in” threading system
The BERNINA 800DL lets you switch to a rolled-hem stitch instantly: simply shift the rolled-hem lever located next to the feed-dog and you’re good to go. Deactivating the rolled-hem stitch again is just as easy, with no need to change the presser foot or stitch plate – a thoroughly practical, timesaving detail of the 800DL which helps to avoid interruptions and allows you to switch with exemplary speed between stitch patterns.

Features and Benefits

  • BERNINA® Quality
    • Provides excellent stitch quality for all types of fabrics.
    • A fast, easy to use, reliable machine.
  • Product Support
    • Guide classes from you local BERNINA® Dealers get you up and running with your new serger.
    • Serger manual provides step-by-step threading instructions and a stitch chart to help you set your serger correctly for a variety of stitch formations.
  • Easy Threading
    • All thread guides are open! Simply lay the thread in the guides for quick and easy threading.
    • Threading paths are color coded and numbered to simplify the threading process.
    • Built-in threading guide inside the looper cover provides a handy reference.
    • Automatic lower looper threader for ease in threading.
    • Lift the presser foot and all tensions are released, practical and helpful when threading or pulling threads through the serger.
  • Tension Free Tension · Numbered tension levers on the face of the machine make tension adjustments quick, easy and accurate.
    • Infinitely variable tension adjustments can be made from 1-9 for perfect stitch formation on any fabric.
    • Lift the presser foot and all tensions are released, making it easier to thread correctly every time.
  • Stitch Variation
    • Select from thirteen of the most popular stitch variations including a 4-thread safety stitch, 3-thread overlock, 3-thread narrow seam, flatlock and rolled hem.
    • Two thread wrapped overlock, rolled hem, and flatlocking offer additional versatility and creative options with the standard upper looper converter.
    • The BERNINA® 800DL offers one and two needle stitch options, providing the perfect stitch width for your fabric.
    • Two or three thread flatlocking can be done with either the left or right needle, providing you with additional creative possibilities.
    • Three-thread super stretch stitch for those seams requiring extra elasticity.
  • Built-In Rolled Hem
    • Just a flick of the lever and simple tension adjustments easily convert the machine from overlock to rolled hem.
    • Two, three, or four thread rolled hemming is easily accomplished on the BERNINA® 800DL for beautiful finished edges on all types of fabrics.
  • Differential Feed
    • Located on the right side of the BERNINA® 800DL for easy access while sewing.
    • Used for wave-free seams in knit fabrics and wovens cut on the crosswise grain.
    • Ideal for pucker-free seams in fine fabrics.
    • Gathers fabric quickly, ideal for home dec. projects.
  • 2-Step Presser Foot Lifter
    • Lift and hold the presser foot for additional clearance under the foot. Handy when serging bulky fabrics such as polar fleece.
  • Presser Foot Pressure
    • Presser foot pressure may be increased or reduced for optimum feeding of all fabric weights.
  • Stitch Length Adjustment
    • Adjustment dial is ideally positioned on the right side of the BERNINA® 800DL for infinitely variable adjustments while sewing.
    • Numbered dial provides accurate stitch length adjustments.
  • Cutting Width Adjustment
    • Numbered cutting width dial for precise adjustments.
    • Cutting width adjustments from 3mm to 7mm provides the sewer with a variety of stitch widths.
  • Marked Seam Guides
    • Right seam markings are located on the knife guard as a practical aid for consistent seam allowances.
  • Light
    • Built in light illuminates sewing area for added visibility.
  • Sewing Speed
    • For speed and efficiency the BERNINA® 800DL sews up to 1500 s.p.m.
  • Electronic Foot Control
    • The electronic foot control provides fine speed control from slow to full speed for intricate sewing. This is very helpful for beginners.
    • The electronic foot control provides consistent needle penetration at any speed.
  • Suction Feet
    • The four strong suction feet on the base of this machine provide stability when serging.

Included Accessories

  • Electronic Foot Control
  • Upper Looper Converter
  • Spool Caps
  • Tweezers
  • Cleaning Brush/Needle Inserter
  • Thread Nets
  • Needle Set
  • Small Screwdriver
  • Oiler
  • Accessory Bag
  • Dust Cover