Pfaff Expression 3.0 Quilting Machine
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Pfaff Expression 3.0 Quilting Machine

Pfaff Expression 3.0 Quilting Machine

Call 1-800-401-8151 for details.

Brand New

This item can only be purchased locally at our retail location.

Introduction: Pfaff Expression™ 3.0

Realize your potential and experience a new dimension of sewing!

Are you searching for new inspiration, the highest level of sewing ease, and modern technology? You will find all of this and more in the new expression™ 3.0 sewing machines from PFAFF®.

All it takes is one look at its unique design to understand that it is a sewer’s dream. With its origin in German tradition, it fits perfectly in the new generation of PFAFF® sewing machines. Get ready to enjoy what the name PFAFF® stands for.

Realize the luxury of creating your own style

Pfaff Expression™ 3.0 Machine Features

Creating your own fashions is an enviable form of individuality. Sophisticated fabrics and imaginative elements demand perfection down to the smallest detail.

Do you enjoy beautifying your home with accessories you have created yourself? Then you belong to those who love to express their own individual style. The expression™ line sewing machines will surprise you with the ultimate sewing convenience and all those special extras which make creating with fabrics and colors a real pleasure.

The new PFAFF® expression™ line is designed to excel.

Large stitch plate - The extra-large stitch plate has seam markings to the left and the right of the needle to guarantee the right spacing and perfect sewing results.

IDT - Absolutely even fabric feed from both the top and the bottom. Everything stays in place when working with fine fabric or several layers. When sewing long pieces of fabric, such as curtains, it feeds both layers evenly along the entire length. Patterned fabric such as stripes always match.

9 mm high quality stitches - Immerse yourself in the fascinating selection of high-quality PFAFF® 9 mm stitches. Use these stitches to create unique embellish ments. Change stitches, mirror them and combine them – completely new stitch combinations will immediately appear before your eyes.

Dual lights - Optimized bright lights illuminate the entire work area with no shadows.

Large sewing space - Experience a new dimension of space– a dream not only for quilters! Curtains, tablecloths, coverlets, quilts – large amounts of fabric need lots of room to sew. The PFAFF® expression™ line sewing machines will impress you with their well-conceived design, which gives you fantastic freedom of movement and unbelievable space to the right of the needle (250 mm / 10").

A wide variety of beautiful stitches - Take a look at the overview of utility and decorative stitches presented in the lid and find everything you ever dreamt of. You will love the large selection of original quilt stitches, with hand-stitched appeal, and also the antique quilt stitches, only offered by PFAFF®. Select from a variety of stitches, alphabets and buttonholes.

Stich sequencing and memories - Save your ideas in one of the machine’s memories and stitch entire sequences in one step.

Built-in sewing alphabet - Experiment with all your possibilities ...with one of the alphabets you can make your own label to complete your project. Sewing can be so wonderful, so exciting.

Needle up/down - With 37 different needle positions available for straight stitch, you can stitch each stitch exactly where you want it. Touch a button to set the needle to automatically stop up or down in the fabric for pivoting, appliqué and more.

Illuminated graphic display - The large illuminated graphic display shows you the selected stitch in actual size at the recommended setting. Each setting can be changed, in small steps, and the new setting can be permanently saved within the memories of the sewing machine for later use.

Sensormatic buttonhole - The exclusive buttonhole Sensormatic foot guarantees professional buttonholes on any fabric. Both sides of each buttonhole are sewn in the same direction for precise stitch quality. Each buttonhole stitched to the exact length, every time.

Personal stitch settings - Change the settings on all built in stitches to your personal liking. Save in a personal stitch memory.

Speed ranges - Adjust sewing speed for specialty threads or techniques.

Mirror image - Flip the stitch for more possibilities.

Summary of Pfaff Expression™ 3.0 - Spacious. Bright. Precise.


The extra large space and the longest free-arm make sewing any size project effortless.


The perfectly illuminated sewing area and the intuitive, clear graphic display will optimize your working process.


The original IDT™ system guarantees absolutely even fabric feed from top and bottom. A unique selection of perfectly stitched high-quality 9 mm stitches, will continuously inspire new ideas.

Pfaff Expression™ 3.0 Sewing Projects

The PFAFF® expression™ line sewing projects were created by our designers to guarantee a unique sewing experience. Fashions, accessories and items for the home – the collections are constantly expanding. Detailed instructions guarantee that you will get the most out of your machine and that the results will be perfect every time.

Expression™ Round Cushion Be careful not to let this round cushion out of your sight as people will fall in love at first sight! Quite simply this is a must-have home décor item if there ever was one. If you are looking for a real conversation-starter in your home look no further.

Expression™ Quilt Cushion Ever notice how even one beautiful home décor creation can totally turn a boring couch or chair into a work of art? But not just any creation - the secret is in the details! Your PFAFF® expression™ sewing machine is perfectly poised to create items with unbelievable precision and details with its original IDT™ system and 9mm stitches. Why not start with this spectacular quilt cushion?

Expression™ Quilt Label If you’re like most people, one of your favorite parts of quilting is creating a label that truly reflects your creation and pride of accomplishment. With PFAFF® expression™ line machines you pick a built-in alphabets and in no time at all you can enhance a quilt with a personalized label that is uniquely yours (3.0 and 4.0 only).

Expression™ Party Dress Nothing feels better than walking into a room with a dress that you made that truly reflects your personal style. Like me, you’ll fall in love with the unique embellishments and exquisite attention to detail. This dress is meant to be created on a PFAFF® sewing machine.

Expression™ Quilted Wallhanging Ever notice the way color can completely transform a room - and your mood! The PFAFF® quilt expression™ 4.0 sewing machine you can combine colorful fabrics with the most stunning original and exclusive PFAFF® quilt stitches for home decor that everyone will be talking about.

Expression™ Blouse Welcome to your NEW favorite shirt! Pair it with your favorite jeans for a stunning daytime look or add accessories for a fabulous nighttime look. Your PFAFF® expression™ machine is built to create these fascinating accents. Everyone will want one! What are you waiting for?

Pfaff Expression™ 3.0 - Downloads

The repertoire of PFAFF® highquality stitches invites you to create loving details and eye-catching effects.

Download the Stitch Overview PDF