Handi Quilter Sweet Sixteen Sit-down Package w/Bonus Package
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2016 Back to School Sale

Handi Quilter Sweet Sixteen Sit-down Package Includes Table, LED Light Ring, and Bobbin Winder - Includes BONUS PACKAGE
Handi Quilter

Handi Quilter Sweet Sixteen Long Arm Sit-down Package

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Sale Price: $5,595.00

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You Save $1642 [23%]

Brand New

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Handi Quilter Sweet Sixteen Long Arm Quilting Machine

Handi Quilter’s HQ Sweet Sixteen is simply the best way for quilters to tackle projects with a sit-down machine. With the introduction of optional TruStitch, quilters are now able to create quilt designs with beautifully even stitches.

If you love to free-motion machine quilt but struggle to fit your project in the small throat space of a domestic sewing machine, you’ll love the HQ Sweet Sixteen®. Sixteen inches of throat space gives you room to quilt even a king-size quilt. The smooth surface of the included table enables your project to glide under the needle. The powerful motor quilts with ease and stitches up to 1500 stitches-per-minute. Choose your three favorite speed settings, on the easy-to-use color touch screen and let the machine remember them.

Bonus Items

Bonus Item! HQ Sweet Sixteen Table Overlay

This white plastic overlay attaches to the HQ Sweet Sixteen tabletop to create a continuous surface for use with the TruStitchTM stitch regulator. It includes double-stick tape for permanent installation on the table.

Bonus Item! 4 Spools Quilter's Choice Thread

4 spools of Quilter's Choice thread. Each spool contains 6000 yds. Colors are chosen at random.

Bonus Item! Jumbo Bobbin Saver - Red

Holds bobbins that are 1-1/16" diameter.

Bonus Item! Handy Helpers 4in. Magnetic Pin Bowl with Pins

4" magnetic bowl that safely holds pins, scissors, and other metal notions. Securely attaches to metal quilting frames. Comes with a box of 80 pins.

Product Features

Color Touch Screen

Provides easy access to needle-up and -down and other functions.

Max Speed of 1,500 SPM

Choose from 10 to 1,500 stitcher-per-minute

LED Area Lighting

Innovative Light Ring brightens the quilting area with 28 LEDs.

New Enhanced Features

Interchangeable Handi Feet

Quarter-inch ruler foot comes installed; open-toe foot included

Low-bobbin estimator and alarm

Estimates how much thread is on a full bobbin. Sounds an alarm when the bobbin thread is close to running out. Stores bobbin preset values for three different types of thread.

Four basting-stitch options

Basting stitches can be set to every half second, three-quarters of a second, one second, and two seconds.

Quilting alarm and timer

Set an alarm for how long you want to spend quilting. Set a timer to track how much time you spend on a quilt.

Set Language

Screens can be displayed in English, French, Spanish, or German.

Quilt Projects of All Sizes while Seated

  • Full 16 inches of throat space
  • Provides more than three times the quilting space of domestic sewing machines
  • More than 8 inches vertical space
  • Speeds up to 1500 precision stitches-per-minute
  • High-speed rotary hook with large capacity M-class bobbin
  • Useful half-stitch for basting or walking stitch, controlled with touch screen or foot pedal
  • Smooth 30” x 36” table surface assures even quilting
  • Additional 18" table extension available for both sides of the table
  • Hopping foot prevents fabric movement during a full-stitch cycle
  • Works with HQ rulers for perfect stitch-in-the-ditch and curved quilting lines

Easy-To-Use System Designed by a Quilter, for Quilters®

  • Easy setup and take-down
  • Accommodates any thread: cotton, polyester, rayon, metallics, holographic, etc.; allows for bobbin work with larger threads
  • Change needles easily with thumb screw
  • Responsive foot pedal
  • Innovative light ring illuminates the quilting area with 28 LEDS
  • Can be upgraded to a stand-up machine if desired
  • Adjustable color-touch screen
  • Customizable speed control
  • Save your preferred speed settings. Save one speed setting for slow, controlled quilting; one for free-motion; and another for fast all-over designs
  • Stitch counters: lifetime and resettable trip meter
  • Hardware, software and serial number information
  • Diagnostics
  • Volume control
  • Built-in calculator

More Features and Options

  • Handles any thread: cotton, polyester, rayon, metallics, holographic, etc. Use larger threads for bobbin work.
  • Stitch counters.
    • Lifetime count.
    • Resettable trip meter.
  • Set your top speed using the intuitive adjustable color-touch screen. Save your preferred speed settings with 3 customizable pre-sets. You can save one speed setting for slow, controlled quilting, one for free-motion and yet another for fast all-over designs.
  • Change needles easily with Thumb Screw Needle Screw.
  • Use Half-Stitch for basting or walking stitch.
  • Responsive foot pedal with half-stitch control.
  • Innovative Light Ring brightens the quilting area with 28 LEDS.
  • Use Handi Quilter Rulers for perfect stitch-in-the-ditch and curved quilting lines.
  • Adjustable Color-Touch Screen includes:
    • Customizable speed control with 3 customizable settings.
    • Stitch counters: Lifetime and resettable Trip Meter.
    • Volume control.
    • Calculator.
    • Serial number display.
    • Hardware and software info.
    • Diagnostics.
  • Easy setup and take-down.
  • Can be updated to a stand-up machine if desired.
  • ETL Safety Approval: US, Canada, Australia and Europe.
  • Handi Quilter technology and innovation; same mechanical system as the HQ18 Avanté.
  • Hundreds of trained Handi Quilter Representatives throughout the world.
  • Handi Quilter customer service and warranty.

What you'll find in the box

  • HQ Sweet Sixteen 16" Longarm Quilting Machine
  • Included Table - Height Adjustable 26"- 42"
  • 4 extra bobbins, 20 needles, sample thread pack
  • Getting Started DVD
  • Machine User Manual and instructions

Sweet Sixteen Specifications


15 Inches wide
21 Inches high
31 Inches long


53 lbs

Handi Quilter Warranty:

5 years mechanical
5 years electronic/electrical
10 years casting

Check out the ALL NEW TruStitch Full Visibility Stitch Regulator

Handi Quilter TruStitch Full Visability Stitch Regulator
  • Designed for use with the HQ Sweet Sixteen sit-down longarm quilting machine.
  • Innovative new stitch-regulation system that measures your movements for choreographed stitch-regulation.
  • Perfect for all free-motion quilters from beginning to advanced.
  • Easy to learn how to use and operate the system.
  • Achieve consistently even stitch lengths, regardless of stitching speed.
  • Full visibility of quilting area leads to easier quilting and greater flexibility with quilting designs.

TruStitch Components

Handi Quilter TruStitch Coaster

Attaches firmly to the edge of the quilt, allowing more exibility for quilting small projects or quilt borders.
Handi Quilter TruStitch Magnet

Advanced sensor that moves in harmony with the quilt to control stitch length.
Handi Quilter TruStitch Controller

Optional-use tool for keeping the controller positioned on the quilt, freeing up your hands for certain techniques and methods.
Handi Quilter TruStitch Receiver

The receiver translates the signals from the controller to the machine to regulate stitch length.

• 5 years FREE Parts & Labor.

• During the FIRST year we will have your machine picked up, repaired or replaced and deliver it back at NO CHARGE. (Just save your box).

• We have 4 experienced mechanics to support you if any problem arises.


I Ron Martin, owner, have 40 years in the sewing machine business & I give my personal assurance.


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