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Sewing Bobbins

Sewing Bobbins

A sewing bobbin is made out of metal, wood, or plastic, and is a wheel that is used to hold the thread in a sewing machine. The thread is typically wrapped around a mini cylinder which is attached to the wheels at either end. Bobbins are considered one of the most imperative parts of the sewing machine.

The sewing bobbin specifically holds the bottom part of the thread on the sewing machine. Many sewers keep spares of their sewing bobbins which will prevent any wasting of the thread when it is time to change the colors. When you are buying new bobbins, be sure to read the sewing manual of your current sewing machine. The manual will give you specific directions on what type of bobbin will work best with your machine. Some machines do best with metal, while some do best with plastic. If you have the incorrect type for your sewing machine, you may come across a large variety of problems.

Sewing machine bobbins are typically bought alone once a sewing machine has been purchased, but very often comes with thread and part of a brand new sewing machine. Normally, bobbins are put under the needle in a seperate compartment of a sewing machine.

Sewing Machines Plus offers a plethora of bobbins that will fit any project and sewing machine need you may have. The website offers most of the major brands of sewing machine bobbins that can be found in stores around the country. There is a search bar that is located conveniently in the right corner of the page. The search bar can be used to find bobbins, as well as other parts, you may need for your sewing machine. The best way to find what you need is to type in the brand as well as the model number of your bobbin. If you are having trouble locating the correct sewing machine bobbin, the company offers employee assistance via phone. The experts at Sewing Machine Plus have forty years of experience as well as a vast knowledge of the field of sewing.

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Sewing bobbins hold the bottom thread on a sewing machine. Spare sewing machine bobbins help prevent thread waste when changing colors. When buying spare bobbins, check the sewing machine manual to see what type of bobbin (metal or plastic) is designed to work best. A proper sewing bobbin prevents aggravating problems.

To save time finding parts for your specific machine, please use the search bar in the upper right corner of the page. Type in, at minimum, the brand and model number of your machine. Give us a call and we will be happy to help select the bobbins you need. We have over 40 years experience and knowledge in the sewing industry.

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