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Bobbin Cases

Bobbin Cases

A sewing machine bobbin case has important functions relating to thread tension. It gently and securely nestles the bobbin so that the machine can unravel the thread without damaging movements. The bobbin case also provides the correct tension to the thread on the bobbin which enables uniform and balanced stitch formation. It's impossible to sew functional stitches without a bobbin. This makes a bobbin case an integral part of any sewing machine.

Replacing parts of your sewing machine bobbin case is possible and used to be common practice for our grandparents, but it isn't advised today. Signs of damage on a particular part of the case indicate a worn product. Replacing the entire bobbin case so that it wears evenly is ideal. They are readily available, inexpensive and much easier to replace than they used to be.

It's important to have a basic understanding of the tension adjustment in order to solve any arising stitching problems after replacing a sewing machine bobbin case. The manufacturer's settings work on many occasions; however, it's impossible for the tension to always be ideal. Many factors such as thread weight and the type of fabric often change the tension needs. It's not uncommon for people to have more than one bobbin case because of these variables. Having a couple of bobbin cases allows for one to be used for common sewing and an extra to address less frequent needs.

Achieving the proper tension takes patience, but it isn't a task that needs to be left to the professionals. Adjusting the tension is done by turning the small tension screw right to tighten the tension and left to loosen it. A little bit of research and remembering that a fraction of a turn goes a long way on the screw will see you through. Taking notes or drawing a reference diagram of the position of the screw for different needs can make the process less painful in the future.

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Sewing machine bobbin cases do more than just hold the bobbin, they also provide tension to the bottom thread for the best seam. When replacing a bobbin case, pay special attention to the tension adjustment to prevent aggravating problems.

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