Sewing with Friends

Sewing with Friends

Sewing is frequently thought of as a solo venture. For many, it’s desired to be. Sometimes, though it’s nice to sew with your friends. You can visit while completing a project. For large projects, your sewing buddies may even be willing to pitch in and help you get it done. Sewing with friends can be an impromptu event or a weekly or monthly ongoing get together.

Finishing Large Projects

Are you redoing a room and making all the curtains and throw pillows? Perhaps you’re sewing outfits for several people for Halloween or a special occasion? When you sew with friends, you can enlist their help to complete these projects. Assign everyone a piece or set it up as an assembly line with everyone taking a task or two. Instead of taking weeks or months to complete, with your friends lending a hand, you may have these projects completed in a matter of hours or days!

Ongoing Get Together

Invite your friends over for a sewing party. Ask a few to bring their machines so there’s not a line for yours. Add in some refreshments and beverages and put on some music – you’ve got the makings of a great friend hang out. So that hosting isn’t a burden, you make it potluck and/or rotate whose house the get together is at.

During the first one, talk about frequency and if you want to rotate who hosts as well as any other logistics. If your sewing friends also have friends who sew, invite them too! If people want to bring their kids, consider it. If they’re age appropriate, sewing with friends can be a great way to pass sewing along to the next generation in a fun and easy going way.

Learn New Things

An added benefit to sewing with friends is that you get to see what everyone else is working on. If you’ve made something similar, they may use different techniques or have tips to make something you struggled with easier. Sharing and learning with your sewing friends creates bonds while everyone becomes more skillful.

Have you sewed with your friends recently? Try it and let us know how you liked it!