Sew for Your Soul

Sew for Your Soul

Sew for Your SoulSewing is a meditative and calming activity, as we’ve looked it in a previous article. What you may not realize is that sewing is also a way to reconnect to yourself and bring out different personality traits.

Express the True You

Unless you’re making a sewing project to give to someone else, there’s no reason to hold back on displaying the style and colors that give you the most joy. It can feel scary to wear something outside what’s considered the norm for your circle or career, but in doing so, you also begin to step into your true self. This leads to more confidence and pride, which in turn leads to feeling more comfortable and being more successful.

Strength in Colors

Did you know that colors can change your mood and mindset?


Red is a power color. Career coaches and HR professionals recommend avoiding red during a job interview because it can be interpreted as trying to over power the interviewer. If you’re trying to overcome feelings of insecurity, consider a sewing project with lots of red.


Orange is uninhibited and happy. The brightness of orange is known to inspire joy and bring out creativity. If you’re struggling to tap into your creativity, consider sewing something with lots of orange.


Yellow is cheerful and stimulating. It’s warm and stimulates thought. Yellow is also calming. The combination often brings about feelings of confidence. A yellow sewing project may be in order if you’re struggling with feelings of inadequacy.


Green, frequently associate with clean or natural, is the color of renewal and growth. Green is often used in therapists’ offices to help their clients reach insights and heal. If you’re struggling to forgive or to love yourself or someone else, consider making something with lots of green.


Blue is frequently used by politicians, airlines and large companies. It’s known have a calming effect and symbolizes wisdom, loyalty, and trust. If you’re feeling unheard or like people don’t believe what you say, try a sewing project with lots of blue.


Purple was once worn exclusively by royals and therefore is associated with wealth, power and wisdom. If you’re trying to work through a problem or challenge and feel stuck coming up with a solution, consider sewing something with lots of purple to tap into the wisdom of your own instincts.

What colors help you feel connected to your true self?