Vintage Chic Embroidery Class in June

Vintage Chic Embroidery Class in June

Do you have memories of embroidery work your gram used to do? Maybe you’ve still got an item or two of clothing that she embroidered for you. These vintage embroidery designs are coming back into fashion. If you’ve been trying to recreate this look with your embroidery machine and haven’t had much luck, this upcoming class is for you!


Vintage embroidery looks great on men’s and women’s clothing, children’s wear and home décor and accessories. Once you master the technique, you’ll be embroidering everything you can get your hands on.

What to Expect in Class

Vintage Chic Embroidery Class in June

Vintage Chic Embroidery Class in June

This four-hour class includes both lecture and interactive components. You’ll learn how to use the Vintage Software to create beautiful designs on anything you can image. You’ll play with colors and textures to create completely unique results. Learning the DIME way, you’ll master flawless borders. And you’ll learn the secrets behind embroidering on prints, nubby fabrics like knit work, and smooth fabrics like satins and sateens.

Not enough? How about also learning to with heavy thread and matte finishes? All this included for just $29. When you register online (here)  you’ll receive five specially digitized Vintage embroidery designs and get a free goody bag in class!

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When is this Awesome Embroidery Class?

We’re glad you asked! The amazing Donna Siler is teaching this class on June 9 and June 10. Both days the class runs from 10am to 2pm. Four-hours of your time will have you embroidering vintage designs like a pro! Classes are held at our shop at 713 Center Drive in San Marcos, CA.

Don’t miss your chance to learn Vintage embroidery. The software makes it easy and this class gives you everything you need to know to create vintage designs on any fabric. They’re so fashionable now, your family and friends will want you to personalize their clothes and home décor.