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Just wanted to send my compliments to for their excellent customer service. I discovered last week that are selling fabric in their brick and mortar store. I previewed some it in my last blog, and ordered some for my own use. The results were perfect.

I placed my order, was contacted by them for confirmation, and I received my fabric in very good time. I am happy to be their advocate by blogging as well as a purchasing experience from them online. The process was very professional.

They marketed by email for my future interests, giving nice discounts and sometimes free shipping. I feel very confident in purchasing from them again.

There are many things going on at to help you not only with sewing but other products you need.

Each of us has their own experiences in sewing. Each of us learns in different ways. Blogging is like teaching and sharing knowledge. Being an active on-hands sewer while blogging has been very rewarding to me.

I am thankful that I have had the opportunity to be a part of this company’s program. I have had a great time with

Make them “your go to” with your sewing machine, fabric, and household equipment. You will be happy you did.