Sewing Goals for the New Year

Sewing Goals for the New Year

This time of year I start to think about what goals I want to achieve in the upcoming year. I usually break them down into three categories. One, career. Two, personal life. And three, hobbies. Over the years, hobby goals have included everything from beekeeping to knitting. This year, I’m thinking about setting sewing goals.

Attempt Something I’ve Never Made Before

Sewing Goals for the New Year

My typical sewing projects are dresses and skirts or modifying existing clothing. I’ve also made a few home décor items like curtains and pillow covers. I’ve never done a shirt or anything with a button hole. I’ve never made a jacket or anything with super thick material. I have made a wedding gown, so I know I can take on complex projects requiring me to learn new things. Next year may just be the year I master button holes, or least attempt a shirt.

Find More Scrap Fabric Uses

I not only have my own fabric scraps, I also have scraps from my mother and great grandmother. If I was a quilter, I could make a fabulous memory quilt with all of it, but that’s not really my thing. For the upcoming year, I’d like to use up my scraps so that I can use the closet space for other things.

Organize Thread Spools

Right now, my spools are tossed in a plastic bin with a bunch of other sewing related supplies. I have a terrible time finding the colors I want and an even harder time untangling the threads from each other when I do find the right color. Next year, I want to get my thread organized in such a way that they’re easy to find and aren’t all tangled together.

Expand My Color Palate

I seem to always be drawn to the same colors in the fabric store. This means I wind up with a fairly monochrome wardrobe. For next year, I’m going to set a rule for myself about how much of any one color palate I’m allowed to purchase in an effort to force myself to expand my choices. Purple and blue are pretty, but so are all the other colors. And I do get sick of wearing the same colors over and over, so maybe this will help.

Buy a Fabric Board

I used to have this awesome cardboard mat that made it easy to lay out fabric and measure it against the lines on the board. It kept the fabric off the floor too. Sadly, it got wet at some point and became useless. I never got around to replacing it. Next year, that will change. I do miss the ease it provided as well as the solid surface. Because it was cardboard, I could pin the fabric to it so it wouldn’t slip around like it does on my wood floors or on the table top.

What are you sewing goals for the upcoming year?