New Year, New Challenges: The Psychology of Sewing

New Year, New Challenges: The Psychology of Sewing

How many times do we seriously plan things, and within days or hours, our plans change. I used to think I prefer knowing what will happen ahead of time so I can grasp the idea, plan it to my specifications, and control the outcome. Not very many things happen that way.

So last time I wrote, I had a nice New Year’s Resolution list made up for myself. I was ready to learn new things, implement new creative expressions, and sew a rug made of scraps. That was a few days before New Year’s Day.

Now, the middle of January, about 2 days ago, I was able to sit and sew a project I have been thinking about. Sewing is so therapeutic, you forget where you are and the daily chores of life. But now, my Resolutions have been pretty much scrapped. Time changes things so quickly.

Turn that frown upside down

Now, I’m finding myself in a position to decide how to decorate a new home we are building. “Wonderful, you say! Congratulations!” Blushing but thankful, I tell you, “Thank you, but the downside is I’m losing my room for sewing.” For now, I have a countertop that wraps around half the room where I can cut, sew, press, lay out patterns, and holds my computer. Plus tons of shelves for fabric, ribbon, thread, and many other non-sewing related supplies. What will I do?

We determined that I will use the large guest room upstairs for my sewing projects, but it will be deemed a guest bedroom as well. So, gone are the days, of leaving my projects in different stages, and not worrying about things left out. I have to be neat and organized ie. (no thread on the floor) so if we should get company, (my daughter visits frequently) that room will be presentable. OMG, such pressure! I’m already stressed. I can’t even get away and be creative because my room has to be in picture perfect order and stay that way (much like the rest of the house by the way, as my in-laws will be living with us).

So, I need your help! I will explain later. I’m making a checklist of some things, I need to purchase if I am going to continue my psychological sewing retreat. At least I have until late July to decide.

Making a list – checking it twice

First is a desk. I like this one. Nice and neat!

See it here:

Fashion Sewing Cabinets of America 8300 Cloud 9


Sylvia Design Model 1520 Quilters Work Station

Then a rolling bag to store the sewing machine out of sight while my guest suite is being occupied.

Bluefig TB 23Travel Bag 23″ Julie

Also a box of Aerofil Incredible Threadable Quilt Box Maderia Thread so I can keep the thread bobbins and thread and neatly put away.

Then there’s the fabric and trims, buttons and numerous other collections. That worries me most. I would love to hear your suggestions on how to scale back and organize and still have the ability to retreat to my passion in my changing lifestyle. I hope all will not be lost even with a more spacious house and elder care ahead. One never knows! As for you, my advice is:

Keep sewing, it’s good for the soul! Until next time.


  1. The best thing in my sewing room that helps me with organization and having enough room is my sewing cabinet, which looks like an armoire . It opens up, and a table folds down at just the right height. It has lots of storage and if I have to make the room look great for company I can put up the table and close the doors. I also have an ironing board that is disguised as a small cabinet, and it too folds out or folds up into the wall. Most of my storage in that room is a second amoire that has 2 drawers at the bottom. My room is never tidy, and the contents of both pieces of furniture is never tidy, but only I know that! If we have company, its the aerobed in the sewing room. Congratulations on your new place to come. I love reading your blog. Thank you.


    1. Hi Cathy,
      Thanks so much for your praise and a great idea about a fold up cabinet. Actually, I have been looking for one as you describe. I just need to find out where they are sold.
      Tons of creative people are messy, so I shouldn’t feel so guilty about it, but I truly do. Its so easy to take out things as we create and decide its not the right thing, right? Then reach for something else. The more we have to work with, the more choices were have, and truly the more we have to pick up! All in the fun of it.
      I love sewing and I love writing this blog to share my experiences.
      I am so happy you enjoy it! Hope you hear from you again,


      1. Hi Angela, I used to be a prolific rubber stamper. I had many, many, ( too many) stamps. One of my best stamps was a stamp that said “I can’t be creative and neat at the same time.” Thank you for your blog and inspiration. Cathy
        P.S. My husband made my armoire.


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