Fabric Scrap Projects

Fabric Scrap Projects

If you’re anything like me, you’ve got a huge stash of fabric scraps. You don’t want to toss them since the pieces are big enough to be used for SOMETHING. But you also don’t really know what you’ll use them for. I’ve recently made it a mission of sorts to use my fabric scraps before I buy any new fabric. That’s led me to come up with projects, many of which allow me to upcycle other items as well.

Cat litter bucket small ottoman

I’ve been looking for a small ottoman to go with my living room love seat for a while. I hadn’t found anything I liked, that was the right size and that matched my décor. Then, I hit upon an idea!

With four cats in the house, I buy large tubs of cat litter on a regular basis. They pile up until I either find a use for them or make room in the recycling bin. I also had in my scrap bucket some brown faux suede upholstery fabric that goes nicely with the décor and nearly matched the love seat color. Perfect! I grabbed the litter bucket and layered the bottom with sand to make it a little heavy so it wouldn’t tip easily. Then, I hot glued a pile of polyester stuffing on the top of the bucket and cut off the handle.

Finally, I cut the upholstery fabric scrap to fit around the bucket and wrapped the bucket the same way you might wrap a Christmas or birthday present. Some beads of hot glue and voila! A comfy ottoman that’s also cat approved.

Hair scrunchy

Those of us with long hair know the importance of having a great hair tie for every outfit. Using my fabric scrap stash I’ve come up with a way to make a scrunchies to match every piece of clothing I’ve made. It’s super easy! All you need is a rubber hair elastic like you buy at any drugstore or grocery store.

Cut a piece from your fabric scrap that’s long enough to go around the hair elastic. With right side out, encircle the hair elastic in your chosen fabric. Use pins to keep it in place and to be sure it wrinkles and folds in enough places to make you happy. Tuck in the raw edges and hand sew the fabric, being sure the fabric remains loose around the hair elastic. Then simply rotate the fabric so the seam you’ve made is on the inside of the scrunchy circle. Place in your hair and be the envy of all.

What other fabric scrap ideas do you have?