DIY Tent & Gear Repair

diy tent hero image

My brother recently picked up this tent at an estate sale and gave it to us for camping with kids. It could easily sleep our family of four but the front screen was ripped.


To fix this, I cut two matching fabric panels in the shape of a rectangle, and planned to fold under the edges and pinned them in place on the front of the tent and one on the inside. This would sandwich the rip in between the fabric.


I sewed on the front fabric piece first, sewing right across the netting and then cut away the ripped netting up to the seams. Then I placed the back fabric panel to the front one, wrong sides together and followed the seams of the first piece.


Here’s a view from the inside looking out.


Next up was the bag to hold the rain fly and the smaller bags for the tent poles and stakes. They were falling apart.


I used scraps of canvas to make new rectangular bags for both the tent poles and the stakes.


Huge improvement, no?



The bag for the rain fly was split almost perfectly around the top.


To fix this rip I used a zig zag stitch and followed it around the tear.


The last part of this DIY project was creating a duffel bag to hold the tent, the rain fly and the tent and stake poles. For this I dug into my pile of scrap canvas.


I drew two circles for the ends of the bag and then a large rectangle for the body piece.


Before I sewed the circle pieces to the body I measured out straps for the handles and attached the handles from one side of the rectangle to the other.


I used Velcro to close the seam and then I was ready to go.


A perfect storage solution and a quick way to grab a family-sized tent and head out camping.


Charlotte Kaufman is a writer and sewist in Mammoth Lakes, California. She specializes in marine and home interiors and continues to fall more and more in love with quilting. You can follow her at