SMP Quilting Festival






MARCH 13-17



Jane Hauprich

Jane is a self-taught free motion quilter that began her quilting journey on a domestic sewing machine. She now is a professional award winning longarm quilter who specializes in custom free motion quilting. Her goal when teaching is to spread as much knowledge as possible and enable more successful quilters in the future.

Chris Marchini

Chris Marchini is a quilt pattern designer putting his own unique twist on this timeless artform. After watching quilting videos on YouTube for years, he decided to make a quilt for his mother-in-law for Christmas. This led to him making quilts for other family members. Chris now spends his time making content for Social Media such as TikTok, Instagram and Youtube.

Becky Thompson

Becky Thompson learned her passion for stitching from her mother who was an amazing garment seamstress, so she's been around sewing machines throughout her life. Throughout Becky's 20 year career in the US Air Force and 17 years as a federal civilian, she learned to become very comfortable with technology and loves to combine that knowledge with her quilting and machine embroidery skills.

Belle Brunner

Belle began quilting in in her mid-40’s and quickly fell in love with the craft. After taking an intensive pattern writing course, she began designing and publishing quilt patterns. She focuses on confident beginner patterns and techniques that even advanced quilters love to make. She is a former 2022 Maywood Studio Maker and is a 2023 Instructor for the American Quilters Society Quilt Week in Branson, Missouri.

Kimberly Einmo

Kimberly Einmo is honored to represent Janome-America as their National Spokesperson. She is an international author, award-winning quilter, fabric designer and has been a quilt judge for more than twenty years. Kimberly has developed a signature line of Precision Rulers and she is a Featured Artist for the Electric Quilt Company.


Stacy Lewey
Kimberly Sandberg
Mark Martin
Ashley Jones
Janna Mathews
Kristina Whitney
Laurel Erznoznik
Jarek Erznoznik
Allegra Erznoznik
Melinda Romero
Kelly Latrielle
Denise Dowdrick
Sam Fung
Heather Banks
Jen Alexander
Harley Thomas
Linda Bratten
Anne Hein
Deb Donovan
Lisa Knight
Richard Tharp
Karlie Belle
Joanne Banko
Aine McCarthy
Calista Ngai
Barb Lewis
Michelle Ahrens
Lori Hernandez
Susan Enderson